Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing #14

I'm vaguely familiar with Technorati because we used it in another "Thing" activity. When I searched "School Library Learning 2.0" using tags/posts and blogs, there were no results. I'm assuming this is not what is expected for this assignment.

Hmmm...I've tried many times to search for the popular blogs on Technorati, but unfortunately I keep getting this message "Technorati's Popular section is currently unavailable." I guess Technorati is in a mood today. The end of Spring Break does that to me, too. :-)

Being able to search for content withing tags and blogs cuts down the amount of search time for users. I think Technorati is valuable in that it connects regular people who are interested in the same information easily. I can see this tool being used by teachers and librarians as a way of getting other educators' perspectives on various teaching techniques and lessons.

1 comment:

  1. I love how you made your title on your blog page! Very cool!

    I will be working on this "Thing" in the upcoming week. While I was exploring on Technorati earlier for a previous "thing" activity, I found the tags useful. I found many articles related to my personal interests, but I need to go back and find some articles related to my professional interests the next time I'm on Technorati.