Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thing #5

I found Flickr to be very easy to use. When I first went to the site, I realized I had set up an account 2 years ago, but never used it! I wasn't aware of the copyright issues with the different pictures. So, reading and learning about the different licenses was very helpful.

Also, I had no idea how Flickr could be used as a resource in a classroom, besides obtaining pictures. The article that described how a teacher used Flickr in an architecture class was very informative.

I chose a picture of a bat by edwindejongh for several reasons. First of all, I needed to stick with my "vampire" theme. LOL! So, I figured I could use the image in a study of animal adaptations. Students seem to be fascinated with bats, as well. Using this picture, students can compare/contrast the bats adaptations to those of other animals.

Thing #4

I have registered my blog and am very excited to see the personalities of all the other students in this class. What a fun way to get to know people!

Wordle: books rock

The above graphic was made from Wordle. This is a VERY COOL website. Check it out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thing #3

Creating this blog was SO easy! I used Blogger many years ago, but deleted my blog when I realized no one was reading it! lol! So, I did not have any issues with creating or naming my blog. However, I had never created an avatar and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. I simply followed the directions given under Thing #3 and easily created my vampire avatar.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose a vampire avatar. Well, I will let you in on a little secret...I LOVE vampires! lol! I enjoy reading and watching movies about the immortal beings and often wonder how it would feel to actually live as a vampire. My obssesion started with Edward...yes, THE Edward from Twilight, but now has evolved into a more classic view of vampire lore.

Thing #2

I watched the tutorial on the 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners. In order to be a lifelong learner, one must have confidence in themself as a competent and effective learner.

Out of the 7 1/2 habits mentioned, I found that the easiest one for me is "begin with the end in mind." I'm a very goal oriented person. So, I always focus on what I want in the end and work my way towards that goal.

I honestly feel that I display all of the habits mentioned, but I guess the hardest one for me would be "view problems and challenges." Oftentimes, I can get so flustered by issues that arise that I fail to see the reward gained by the situation until much later.

Thing #1

I read through the 23 Things Blog and am VERY excited about what we are going to be learning in this class!