Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thing #5

I found Flickr to be very easy to use. When I first went to the site, I realized I had set up an account 2 years ago, but never used it! I wasn't aware of the copyright issues with the different pictures. So, reading and learning about the different licenses was very helpful.

Also, I had no idea how Flickr could be used as a resource in a classroom, besides obtaining pictures. The article that described how a teacher used Flickr in an architecture class was very informative.

I chose a picture of a bat by edwindejongh for several reasons. First of all, I needed to stick with my "vampire" theme. LOL! So, I figured I could use the image in a study of animal adaptations. Students seem to be fascinated with bats, as well. Using this picture, students can compare/contrast the bats adaptations to those of other animals.


  1. Yes posting his name is the correct info, but it would even be better to make his name a hot link like it is on the site so that readers can click directly back to his collection.
    It is helpful to hot link sites as well for the benefit of your readers.
    Use the chain icon on the blog post box toolbar.

  2. Wow! You are quick! I was editing those items before I saw your post! :-)

  3. Thanks for mentioning my link.