Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thing #6

Although I have heard of mashups, I really had no idea how much fun they could be! I spent a lot of time exploring the different mashups out there in the world.

One of the mashups that I explored was Spell with flickr. With this application, you simply enter letters (or words) to create a unique picture that represents each letter. I think this would be a fun and engaging activity for younger students to explore with while learning to spell new words.

Here's my name in pictures:
M as in Marina letter I C H letter E letter L L letter E

Also, I created my first trading card using bighugelabs. I think the trading card idea would be a great project for older elementary students to make. For example, if students are researching Famous Texans, they could create a trading card on their Texan after their research is complete and share it with their peers.

Here's my trading card:


  1. I'm interested in why you say only older elementary students.

  2. I guess because I teach 4th grade, that's the age that was on my mind. I think it would be a great tool for all students!