Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thing #12

I have always been intrigued with the blogging world. Many years ago, I decided to create my own blog where I posted my random thoughts. Every once in awhile someone would comment, but more often than not it was just me posting. It soon became obvious that I was just posting to see my words on the computer and decided to delete it. If I had known some of the tips on how to get those lurkers to comment, maybe...just maybe...I would have one of those Top 100 blogs!

There have been many blogs that I have visited, but never participated in the discussion. One of the reasons I never participated was because I didn't think I had much to contribute. After reading the Passion Quilt post by Meredith Farkas, I realize that if no one ever shared their thoughts, experiences, and ideas, new information would not be availiable to everyone! It is important to share your ideas...even if you think it's not important, someone might find it extremely helpful!

I have posted on many of the Library2Play blogs, but here are the latest five:
1. Books are People Too - Thing #11
2. Blogger Babe - Thing #20
3. Muggle Studies - Thing #6
4. Library Dog Blog - Thing #7
5. Adventures of Luka Blogwalker - Thing #13

One blog that I visit regularly is Jones to the Grindstone. This blog is written by a very good friend of mine. She is currently working on her Master's in Journalism at Harvard University. As a military wife, she began writing for a local military paper and gradually worked her way up to the blog. We met when we were both military wives, so I enjoy reading her perspective on all things military.

Another blog that I visit is Reality Steve. This is where I catch up on all the reality TV gossip. Reality Steve is sacrastic and provides me with a lot of laughts. This blog is one of my guilty pleasures!


  1. Many students feel the way that you did about not having anything to contribute. We see this in class on a daily basis. The 2.0 world will give those students who are reluctant to speak more avenues to communicate with low risks. As we learn to take more risks and share our experiences, we will model for the students positive social interactions. We do not have to always have rich nuggets of wisdom to share; personal experiences with which others can connect and encouraging words can be contribution enough.
    I am enjoying your posts. They are interesting with useful information.

  2. I find that we have a lot in common when it comes to posting on blogs. I too think sometimes that what I have to say really does not mean much to the blog so I do not post much. Sometime when I do post, I then delete the post. I get very reluctant to add anything to sites and am more of a looker than a commentor. I am going to try to be better at posting comments. Some of the commenting I have done is more because class ask me to, but I am going to try to do more just posting.