Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thing #9

I found technorati to be very easy to use with regards to searching for blog and news related information. The site is very organized and aesthetically pleasing. One feature I really liked about this site is that there is a button in the search feature that allows you to search "blogs" or "posts."

Syndic8 was very difficult for me to understand. Although it was easy to find the search area, it was extremely difficult to comprehend the results that appeared. When I did a search for "popular books," a list of related blogs appeared but they each were followed with various numerical information that I felt was unnecessary and confusing.

I found several interesting blogs on Technorati. is a blog written by a librarian consultant that has some very interesting posts related to anything library.

Kids Lit is a VERY cool blog that details various books from toddlers through teens. This site includes a cover of the book and a short review of each book. Check it out!!

On my quest for unique and interesting "librarians," I came across a blog for The Video Game Librarian. When I think of librarians I do not think of video games. However, this blog is dedicated to the latest and greatest video games.

I had no idea there was a way to search blogs for certain keywords or tags. This tool can be useful to educators, as well as, information seekers everywhere!

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