Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thing #10

One of my favorite sayings has always been "Bite Me!" Well, I felt this heart graphic was very appropriate with tomorrow being Valentine's Day. At ImageChef, I found this candy heart graphic and entered the text I wanted to appear in the hearts. I'm not sure that this site has any educational value, but it was fun to play around with! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I also created an image using one of my favorite image generators...Wordle! With Wordle, the user simply types in the words he wants to be displayed and the computer chooses a random display of the words. The user can change the display, font, and colors to match his discretion. Many of my students use Wordle to study for their spelling words. They think it is fun to play around with the words, but they are learning at the same time!

Wordle: Valentine's Day

Finally, I have created a glog using Glogster. I created this glog as a sample to show my students for their Big 6 project that they will be researching in a few weeks. The students will be researching a famous Texan, so I created a blog using a famous American...George Washington. Glogs are extremely easy to put together. There is a basic menu that pops up with different choices (text, images, etc.). Click on the item you want to enter, choose your image or font, and there you go. I think making a glog will excite the students into learning about their famous Texan and sharing it in a fun way with their peers.


  1. you glog can be uploaded to your blog...even a hot link to it could be added so we can go view it "live" and experience it...would love to see what is included!

  2. Regarding your statement about ImageChef...are you referring to the the candy heart site or the site in general as far as educational uses are concerned?

  3. Such a great idea about using Glogster as a way to present biographical information! Wow... students might even look forward to writing book reports or biography reports when using such a fun tool ;-) Thanks!

  4. Yeah glogster is really useful tool...
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