Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thing #16

A Haiku for You...

I like the wiki
It helps me collaborate
Won't you try it, too?

My students are currently studying different forms/elements of poetry. One way the wiki could be used with my students is for them to upload their poems to the wiki and share them with their classmates. These exchanges are likely to encourage conversations on the various forms of poetry, as well as, the different subjects the students have chosen to write about. They are able to ask their peers questions and develop a deeper knowledge of the subject.

The downside to Wikis is that once a user has permission to edit the content on the page, they are able to change any and all the information available. It's important that students understand this. If they understand this concept, then they will understand why teachers do not let them use Wikipedia as a resource for their research projects!


  1. I think putting the students' poems up on a wiki page is a great idea...look forward to seeing their creations!

    It is important to remind students to be careful when working in the wiki, but the history will allow you to recover from an accidents!

  2. You are so creative!! Love the Haiku!

  3. Thanks, Nanci! The only problem is that haikus are usually about nature and seasons. I had to change the rules a bit. lol!