Friday, April 16, 2010

Thing #21

Podcasting and Videocasting are both things that I have shied away from in the past. They always seemed so difficult and scary to even think about creating! Although I was able to complete a video cast using Photostory, I did not find it very user friendly. I had to use the "help" button often during the making of my vidcast. Also, there was no upload straight to Blogger. I had to save the video to my hard drive and then upload it into this post.

Now that I have completed this assignment, I feel a lot more comfortable about creating another one. Although it can be intimidating, it's feels really good have created it an original video!


  1. Despite your troubles, it looks like you have a worthy project. I bet your second one will be easier.

    What were the particular problems you encountered!

  2. Narrating each frame took me forever to figure out! I had the music in the background, but couldn't find out how to narrate it. Once I figured that out, everything else went together pretty smoothly.

    Also...the first time I made the video, I got halfway through before I saved it and the whole thing froze up on me! So I had to start all over! ARGH! I learned my lesson the 2nd time and saved it after each little thing I did! :-)

  3. I too encountered that freezing thing if I didn't save frequently! And learned the hard way as well to remember to do regular saving! :-)
    Glad you overcame it all!

  4. So cool that you included your picture with the author. I plan to read this series over the summer. It sounds intriguing. Congrats on finishing and posting your Photostory. I experienced some problems along the way too, but it was worth it when I was finally able to post.