Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thing #11

I found LibraryThing very easy to use. The search engine was clear, simple, and user friendly. I recently joined Shelfari, which is another online book website that allows readers to catalog and organize books that they have read. Both LibraryThing and Shelfari allow users to create goups and join groups to discuss their favorite books.

Searching for different book groups on LibraryThing was very simple, as well. I looked through several groups, but ended up joining only one group. I chose to join the group "Biographies, Memoirs and Autobiographies" because I am a HUGE fan of memoirs. This group encourages readers to share their favorite memiors, autobiographies, and biographies so that others can discover new and interesting books.

I think LibraryThing, as well as Shelfari, are great tools for students to use to review and recommend books to their peers. Adolescents are very interested in social networking sites. Well, with these websites, students can enjoy the social networking with their friends, while learning and understanding more about their reading.


  1. Hello,
    I am glad to see that you found Librarything easy to use. The only thing I found to be a little irritating was searching in the Library of Congress search. This seemed to slow down my searching as it was slow going. I will have to try the site shelfari as it seems like any time you can use other sites it opens up other opportunities.

  2. When I saw your Shelfari bookshelf, I loved it so much that I went and created my own. You really inspired me. Thank you!

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